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#UNSC| “There are little girls being sexually harassed by other soldiers” says Equatorial Guinea

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

[By Felipe Mateus Carvalho]

Through the 2nd session of the United Nation Security Council (UNSC) a document with the title “UK, US & NATO armies ‘may violate international law’ in treatment of under-18 recruits”, by an anonymous writer, was exposed to the council.

The Russian Federation is against this statement, reminding that the council is discussing the children affected by the conflicts and how to change the idea of armed children. The United Kingdom of Great Britain (UK) and Northern Ireland stated “Our country has strict rules about the army enlistment, we can't ignore them”.

“We can’t keep discussing the topic of this under 18 soldiers in the more developed countries, because what they go through do not compare to what the armed children in the South Sudan go through” said the Republic of Equatorial Guinea. “There are little girls being sexually harassed by other soldiers, there are little boys going through war to protect themselves in the South Sudan”, he reminded the council.

It is further discussed if the topic is really valid for the UNSC since, as it was reminded by the State of Kuwait, the UK and the United States of America, the problem are rebels arming children and the other conflict victims

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