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#OIC | United Emirates affirms that it is part of the war for innocents to die

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

[By Jennifer Neves]

In this morning, July 25th, it happened the first session of the committee of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). In the meeting, the main subject was the war in Yemen and were present the leaders of very powerful Muslim countries, discussing how they could deal with terrorists groups and by that find an alternative to end the war, which has been killing a lot of innocent lives, like women and children.

Saudi Arabia had a remarkable presence in the committee, stating that the best way to deal with the terrorists groups its reinforcing the military forces, and equiping the army withs bombs and more weapons. On other hand, Iran stresses the need of having a conversation with Houthis and terrorist groups. The armed religious forces had been exploding things and people around Northern Yemen. The delegate representing the country claim that as they share the same religion, they are totally capable to have a peaceful dialogue with the terrorist group. Iran had yet the support of Tunisia and Nigeria.

United Emirates suggests to keep the Yemeni government together, due to increase the chances to defeat the terrorism in the country. Besides, the European Union (EU) claims that it is part of the war for innocents to die. The most important thing, according to the delegate representing the country, is to combat the terrorism groups in any cost

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