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#OIC | Iran is the main suspect of financing the Houthis

[By Jennifer Neves]

The second session of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) happened on yesterday's afternoon, July 26th. The meeting began with condolences to the delegate representing Tunisia because of President Béji Caïd's death and crises marked the session.

One of the main subjects was the airstrike against Hodeidah, a city located in Yemen. According to British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), circa 300 citizens and 100 United Nations (UN) personnel was murdered. The attack destroyed a facility used to provide humanitarian help for Yemeni people in the conflict. The discussion in the session was on the possibility the attack had been controlled by the Houthis, since the author is still unknown. The delegate representing Iran does not think the strike was commanded by the group, but affirms that it needs investigation, and by that find the best alternative to deal with it.

Another concern in OIC was the drone attack in a Saudi oil facility commanded by the Houthis on Persian Gulf. The installation can extract around 2 million barrels of oil per day. This situation included the United States of America (USA), indirectly in the war, as the country has a partnership with Saudi Arabia due to oil exportations. President Donald J. Trump threatened Iran, accusing the country to be financing the terrorists groups and affirmed: "A response is coming".

Iran replied by saying that not all Houthis are terrorists. "Only some leaders inside are truly terrorists. And this attack was probably made by terrorists themselves, and not the Houthis as a whole". He said that they can give the Houthis advice if the group come to them

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