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#ICJ | UNSC appeals for legal advice and questions are made on the sixth session of ICJ

[By Florencia Fernandez]

On July 26th, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) appealed on the Judges of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for legal advice on what they can and cannot do regarding the perpetrators of the use of children in armed conflicts.

A statement was presented by the Mister Delegate of France Lucas Broer and Madame Delegate of Russia Amanda Salgado, in which the UNSC asked five questions regarding the Six Grave Violations that involves “Killing and maiming of children, Recruitment or use of children as soldiers, Sexual violence against children, Abduction of children, Attacks against schools or hospitals, Denial of humanitarian access for children” (STATEMENT, 2019).

While presenting, Mr. Broer said: “ We would appreciate your legal opinion to better reach a resolution that won’t cause sovereignty and jurisdiction issue”.

Then the Judges initiated reading more about the Six Grave Violations and their jurisdic approach and then answering question by question. The first question was about if the UNSC could put on their solution that the perpetrators should face capital punishment, a question that concerns not only the Judges but the international community because of its human rights controversy. To it, the Judges already settled to refuse.

The session ended with the second question being discussed.

On the Press Conference, Judge Crawford clarified his word on the possession of San Juan River by saying it belongs to Nicaragua and Costa Rica has the right to navigate, admitting the mistake.

Judge Sebutinde elucidated on the matter of her change to agree with a financial penalty by saying “ I want Costa Rica to pay for the damage they made, just like I agreed on Nicaragua to pay for the damages it made and not the invasion.”

Finally when asked about the matter of the last session, the Judges were glad to receive the appeal from Security Council. However, according to Judge Ahmed "There are questions that are a no, there are questions who we didn't discussed yet", settling a mood about most answers. Judge Abraham added that the decisions will be respecting International Law and Human Rights

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