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#CPD | Victim of rape, a Nigerian woman is prohibited from having an abortion

A case involving violence reached the committee this afternoon. The notice that a Nigerian woman would have suffered an abortion, that caused an unwanted pregnancy, made the delegates discuss deeply the women right topics.

During the crises, the president of Nigeria made a brief speech about the case and highlighted the Family planning importance, not only for your economy but also for the population health. Meanwhile, the course of the debate focused mainly on social issues, while the economic issues were put in the second plane due to the urgency of this event.

The Belgium delegate proposed that the abortion was made on European lands since that it was viable as a possible resolution for the crisis. The delegations from Germany, the United Kingdom and France demonstrated resistance to that suggestion. The delegates remained focused on the humanitarian issues involved, not only about the women related to the case but also related to all of the Nigerian population. The final propose was conceived to the Nigeria govern, suggesting the decriminalization of abortion especially in situations of rape and pregnancies.

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