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#CPD | “This is not a priority to Russia” said the delegate about sex education

[By Maria Clara Araújo]

In this morning, the delegates started the seventh session resuming the Family planning agenda. Following that, the sex education topic brought some controversies by the Russia delegate. This subject was debated again and the session got a little busy.

The delegates from Japan and China said that the inclusion of sex education in schools directed for children’s education is a new notice for the country. Germany delegate suggested graduation in sexual education, and during the discussion process, Russia delegate intervened and said that there were not more important things to considerate. By that, the French Republic representant questioned Russia’s position about this affirmation, knowing that sex education is not all about “sex”, but also about health and information.

Cultural issues with this theme were also pointed out in the session. Delegates from China and Japan complained about the insertion of sex education directed for children, knowing that this action goes against their cultural and historical line. As a possible solution for the discussed topic, China and Japan accepted the introduction of sex education on the educational files, knowing the meaning of this topic, but also agreed with the committee, in general, to leave the choice to the country when (age-related) to properly insert of sex education in the schools.

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