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#CPD | Immigration and Controversies

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

[By Maria Clara Araújo]

In this morning, July 25th, delegates from the United Nations Commission on Population and Development (CPD) entered into a deep conversation on where the discussions on the committee will be taken. Delegates listed some importants topics which needed more attention such as Informal Economy, creation of a fund and immigration and some of them were considered a little controversial.

Some delegations suggested the discussion around Informal Economy. China and Germany get in a consensus about working in the gap of this topic. The creation of a foundation begun to be discussed by the delegates, more specifically about how this would also help the immigrants and find a way to solving their matters. Germany’s delegation also pointed the Informal Economy on Elder population, which generated controversy and therefore it was promoted an intense discussion about the topic.

Immigrants received an important attention in the session and some countries opened the discussion to explain their situations. China’s delegation was questioned about the effects of migration in the country , then China shared some politics the country has adopted as an example and used it as a motivation to reach to a conclusion on this topic. The immigrants topic wasn’t solved and the delegates entered in an informal-informal speech in order to find a resolution, which was postponed because of the time

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