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#CPD | Economic crisis forces China government to raise the minimum retirement age to 85 years

[By Maria Clara Araújo]

In the afternoon of July 25th, the second session of the CPD was contemplated with the issuance of a document that generated a significant reverse in the committee. The presentation of a text by the table intensified the discussions and encouraged more interactions among the delegates, which made the formal debate a discussion about the resolution for the crisis that had just begun.

The text presented to delegations contained information about China, which was going through an economic crisis caused by a deceleration in fiscal conditions. This tension forced the Chinese government to change the minimum retirement time in the country, creating a discontent on a large scale of the Chinese population. Since the country has a significant number of older people, the government would not be able to afford the pension already established by the country itself, which had to extend the contribution time to adjust the economic condition in China.

With the situation, delegates faced a busy session of arguments and discussions, wich also featured divergences of opinions. Searching for a resolution to the crisis, even tourist issues were raised by some delegates as a way out of this situation, but quickly suspended by the China delegate who used some historical arguments to stand against the view. At the end of the session, the delegates reached to a agreement. The China delegation officially presented the country formal decision to readjust the minimum retirement age, which was dropped to a maximun 70 years old. The other delegations also compromised to provide the necessary support to China, making it oficial in a document at the third session of the day. Also, the delegations confirmed that there has to be another way out for the economy that doesn´t interfere in the health of the eldery.

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