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#COSP | Mr Meng's corruption case revives need to discuss protection to whistleblowers

The third committee session of the Conference of the State Parties (COSP) to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) happened today, July 25th. Throughout the development of the committee, the case about Mr Meng’s corruption continued to be discussed and the French Delegation released the following statement:

Concerning the subject of Mr Meng Hongwei’s family, the delegation of France wants to express its commitment to endorse and implement the politics of the Convention on this issue. As you all know Mr Meng’s Family is been on asylum in the French Republic since Mrs Meng asked for it fearing for their lives. France also manifests its concern for the health of Mr Meng while he’s facing charges by the Chinese government. Furthermore, this delegation would like to bring up the situation brought by Mrs Meng who claims that Interpol has proved that the Money was planted on Mr Meng’s account. As they are in a delicate situation, following art. 33 of the Convention the French government decided to move Mrs. Meng’s family to a secret place”.

The session continued and it was there’s a culture around whistleblowers that treats them as snitchers, so the delegations have decided to create a campaign to change the mindset about whistleblowers to show that they’re actually crucial to the process of combating corruption.

Another suggestion made was an honour system to reward the whistleblowers for your courage to come forward. China already has a whistleblower program that uses an honour system based on a moral culture which urges citizens to file reports in a “lawful manner” via official channels.

The main worry of this session was about the protection of the whistleblowers and topics like armed protection of the individual in their respective country, protection of assets, protection of potential victims linked to the whistleblower and asylum for the individual and associated people were discussed.

The topic is still open for discussion and session was adjourned but it was a consensus between all the participating delegations that every country has the mechanisms and boundaries to protect the whistleblowers, anonymous or not

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